Lazy Dog Lounger

As low as $124.99

Lazy Dog Loungers are the highest quality, most durable rafts for your dogs. The floats are puncture resistant because they do not inflate. They are stable, easy for your dog to get on and off independently, and allow water flow to keep your dog cool.  Best of all, these rafts are handcrafted in the United States. 

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Available in Two Sizes: Small (up to 25 pounds) and Large (up to 110 pounds)

  • Puncture resistant. Lazy Dog Loungers dog rafts are made with heavy duty weather and fade resistant fabric and foam floats. There is no air, so there is no deflating 
  • Semi-submersible allowing water to flow so dogs can remain cool
  • Easy on and off for dogs, designed so the raft won't easily flip.  
  • Easy attach loop to hang and dry, tie off to a boat or dock
  • Easy to assemble, see instructions or video
  • Watch these dog rafts in action!