E3 Ranch | BLT WRAP | Beef Lung & Trachea

  • Ethical treatment of cattle on our E3 Ranch is a cornerstone from which we supply our K9 Naturals. Cattle at our E3 Ranch roam freely and are treated ethically.  As a pledge to be stewards of the land and animals under our care, we fully utilize all elements of our cattle at E3 Ranch, leaving nothing to waste.
  • E3 Ranch and Co. Supplies high protein, low fat, nutrient rich, grain free, and gluten free dog treats. Our K9 Naturals help your canine companion perform at their healthiest and most active self.  There are absolutely no additives, preservatives, supplements, or fillers in our dog treats.
  • E3 Ranch and Co was founded by retired MLB player Adam Laroche and his family with a mission to provide sustainable meats and dog treats.
  • E3 Ranch and Co. proudly supports our nation’s military heroes, including both active and retired canines who have honorably protected our freedom. 10% of all E3 net profits are donated to the E3 Ranch Foundation which helps support American Veterans.

E3 Ranch- BLT Wraps - 100% USA Natural Innovative Perfection.

From the E3 Ranch to your ranch. Born, raised, and harvested in the U.S.A. 100% All-natural, high quality ingredients that will not cause inflammation. Absolutely no additives or preservatives. Grain and gluten free. Made from beef lung and beef trachea. Intended for dogs of all sizes.