Our Story The Better Options Company

We’ve been committed to manufacturing in the US since our founder invented her fabric stair gate in 2008. Encouraged by friends and family to take her invention to market, she began to look into scaling the production of her stair gates for banisters. Janelle was told repeatedly that she would need to go overseas; that producing in the United States would not be feasible. Having grown up in Michigan in a proud "Ford" family, she had no interest in building a business where she couldn’t be a part of the day to day or see the product being built. She ignored the naysayers and in 2015, Janelle brought The Stair Barrier to market with an American manufacturer and materials sourced from US suppliers. Janelle now sits on the Advisory Board of Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) and with her trusted network of supply partners and a business partner as committed to American-Made as she is, she is bringing a range of new options for home, family and pets to market.