Keenz 7S All-Terrain Wheel Set


The Keenz All-Terrain Wheels are specifically designed to take on rugged terrain. The aggressive tread pattern and larger wheel size provide a more efficient and smoother ride through sand, snow, dirt and uneven terrain. Compatible with previously released Keenz 7S Stroller Wagons. 


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The Keenz 7S All-Terrain Wheel Set includes 4 All-Terrain Wheels and an All-Terrain Rear Axle. When installing the All-Terrain Wheels, it is critical that you replace the stock axel, which came with the 7S, with the All-Terrain Rear Axle. The All-Terrain Rear Axel must be installed before you attach your All-Terrain Wheels. There is a slight variation with the All-Terrain Axle and it is essential for the proper use of your All-Terrain Wheels.  

Be sure to install your original Rear Stock Axle before reattaching the stock wheels. The Rear All-Terrain Axle is not designed to work with the Stock Wheels.